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  • By: Rifat Hasan
  • Date: March 4, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Simply put, the OneVanilla Visa card works like a gift card with no reloadable features that can be used to shop, make online purchases and gas purchases, and even dine out.

Additionally, unlike conventional prepay cards, following the initial cost at the point when you purchase the card, it will have no charges. There are no monthly deducts or transaction charges.

Maybe you’re just like me and don’t like giving out your personal information or being asked to provide credit checks? If yes, then there’s an additional perk of OneVanilla cards. They have no such restrictions.

Can you transfer money to a OneVanilla card?

  • It is not possible to transfer funds to a OneVanilla card.
  • The card isn’t reloadable, therefore the purchase amount is the most expensive dollar amount your card will ever receive.
  • The same is true for you are also not able to consolidate balances or money from several OneVanilla cards.
Can I Use My OneVanilla Card Online

Can I Use My OneVanilla Card Online?

Yes, you can use Your OneVanilla Card to purchase on the internet (Nationwide as well as within the District of Columbia) with any merchant accepting Visa debit card, Discover card as well as Debit Mastercards.

If your online or phone purchase needs an address, you can use your address for mailing.

There isn’t any connection between your credit card and you This lets the merchant contact you in case of need.


Is your OneVanilla gift card the right option for you?

If you require a one-time credit card that can be used for certain purchases, but not is charged monthly or otherwise the OneVanilla card may be the ideal choice.

It is easy to buy and use and use, it allows you to manage your budget simply.

For more details for more information, check out the video produced by OneVanilla.

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